There is a fine line between love and hate.
Today I am beginning a 30 day project to determine whether the line between love and hate is a fine one.  I already disagree with this quote because, truly, there are only two emotions within the human realm, and those are love and fear.  The line between them is infinite, but just to prove my point, I will begin a series of scientific experiments to demonstrate that hate, which is a verb, an action word, is a choice, and by choosing love instead of hate, we can make the world a better place for everyone.  For starters, we will begin the rice experiment.  Some of you may be familiar.  for those of you who are not, I will explain.  We will steam some rice, any kind will do, I am using Jasmine because that’s what I have. Do-de-do-de-do…just bringing it to a boil so I can reduce and cover.  In 22 minutes, I will have some delicious rice, not to eat, but to prove a point:  Hate is destructive and negative, and will damage anything in its’ path.  Okay, rice is all done, and I am letting it cool.  Afterward, I will divide it in half and place each half into a mason jar.  My fabulous and gorgeously smart daughter, Bella, will make two labels (one for each jar), and they will be very different.  The first jar’s label will be dark and full of despair (I suggested a skull and crossbones, but we’ll have to wait to see what she comes up with).  We will write the word “hate” in angry, bold letters so we remember which jar of rice is evil.  On the other jar, we will place a happy, colorful label that is beautiful and serene.  It will read, “LOVE”,” and every day for one moth, we will cherish said jar with all of our hearts.  We’ll cradle it lovingly and sing to it.  We’ll tuck it in at night and kiss it gently on its’ glass forehead.  We’ll relish in a quick morning snuggle before waking it up with a nosey rub.  That other rotten jar can go @#$% itself.  It is horrible, as we will repeatedly remind it.  Our tone of voice will portray our disgust with its’ vile, putrid contents.  The mere sight of it makes us cringe and wretch…..and… the end of 30 days, we’ll compare the two jars of rice to see if there is any difference.  Then we shall discuss the results and apply them to our lives :)  Peace!  Pictures to follow….